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SEA is a Gate to the World.

Go take the challenge and make yourself better!

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Our Reach


* 500+ affiliates in 17 language areas through the world.

Until now,

2,381 teachers and more than 2m students

have been teaching and studying at SEA.  


Connecting people from all around the world

At SEA, students learn with their classmates who are different nationalities, you are in a real international virtual class.

The Modern Classroom is Online

Schools: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish

Subjects: Language, Math, Science, History, Geography, Economics, Computer, Arts, and Music.

Language level: CEFR A1+ / A2 / B1 / B2 / C1 / C2

Expanding Students’ Abilities

You can study with a German teacher while you are not in Germany; you can sit in an Arabic history class though you are not in West Asia; you can explore the Chinese Art with a Chinese teacher without enrolling a local Chinese Art school. We encourage young people learn multi-language and use them to start an exploration of knowledge and technology. Come and start a journey where you could never have had from a local school!



Online International School

SEA online International School is inquiry-based, we encourage students to think outside the box and to explore the world around them. Our teachers provide a curriculum that is not the national curriculum of the country it is located in. Instead, they may offer an international curriculum, the international diversity of the staff means that best practice from many countries can be shared and incorporated. We keep class sizes small, typically no more than 12 students.

Language is not just language, it's about life, culture, and all others related. That's why students should explore more while they use the second language.


SEA is a global academy for a modern global environment, where learning and technology come together. All our teachers are bilingual, trilingual, multilingual, or polyglot, who provide both their highest quality standards of education and cross-cultural concepts for our international students.


At SEA, we connect students with teachers from all around the world. All the students are matched with the right course and teacher for their needs. We welcome strong self-motivated learners who are 6 to 14 years olds and have the curiosity of this colorful world to join us!


Our child has enjoyed every lesson with San Education Academy (SEA). Real-time lessons connect children across the world to the same classroom to study together. The future is here! Virtual classroom with real time teaching is a very effective way to learn. It is not a video lesson, each student interacts with the teacher and other students. It promotes students' communication skills and trains kids to meet in a global world. Our child is on San Education Academy's ESL (English as Second Language) program, which is for non-native English speakers. He has made great progress in English. SEA is a modern way to reach high quality education wherever we are! Only a laptop (or other device) with internet access is needed. Our child participated in four weekly lessons: two English lessons, Spanish lessons and science lessons. He is eager to start the autumn term with SEA!


—  Mrs. T. Huhtamo in Helsinki, Finland

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