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Our child has enjoyed every lesson with San Education Academy (SEA). Real-time lessons connect children across the world to the same classroom to study together. The future is here! Virtual classroom with real time teaching is a very effective way to learn. It is not a video lesson, each student interacts with the teacher and other students. It promotes students' communication skills and trains kids to meet in a global world. Our child is on San Education Academy's ESL (English as Second Language) program, which is for non-native English speakers. He has made great progress in English. SEA is a modern way to reach high quality education wherever we are! Only a laptop (or other device) with internet access is needed. Our child participated in four weekly lessons: two English lessons, Spanish lessons and science lessons. He is eager to start the autumn term with SEA!


—  Mrs. T. Huhtamo in Helsinki, Finland

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* 500+ affiliates in 17 language areas through the world.

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